WHat happens if I have to pay extra


Recent deduction of amounts.

A recent deduction of $231.53 from your account was returned by your bank with a recent indication that they could not honor it because the authorization was revoked. Please contact your bank if you have any questions regarding why your deduction was not allowed.

This item represents at least the second returned item for each of the policies on your bill. As a result of these dishonored payments, each policy listed on the back of this notice will cancel or expire on the Date and Time indicated.

After this cancellation and/or expiration, a balance of $231.53 remains due. Please Send us a payment for this amount by March 14, 2020.

If you have any questions please call your agent.

4 reasons why life insurance is good for you

1- It's part of a sound financial plan- Insufficient coverage has severe consequences in many cases the 2019 insurance barometer and level is actually found that 10 households that don't have life insurance need immediate trouble paying and living expenses if the primary wage. This in most cases the planning for your loved ones and long time friends who may need that peace of mind.

If someone were to suffer financially if you were to die, you need to get life insurance. You need to provide them with either the ability to pay the bills or leave them completely able to pay for costs of living or significantly ease the burden of this cost of living. You can also help pay for college funding or any other expensive endeavor that would be nearly impossible without the help of life insurance.

2- It's not as expensive as you may think

Most cases people hear they're getting a $250,000 life insurance policy and they believe they're going to have to pay $1000 a month or some absurd number that in some cases is even cheaper than your house payment, but if your in good health relatively young like 30's you're likely going to pay less than $100/mo for your $250,000 life insurance policy. This would leave enough for family members to either buy a home or even just invest it into an annuity for the ability to live on the interest and still work. Whatever may be the case. Some cases if you are $30 you can even pay as low as $13/mo for a term $250,000 policy.

3- It can build cash value over time. Permanent life insurance has a cash value or cash surrender value. which means it can build cash value over time in addition to providing a death benefit to your beneficiaries. IF you have a Whole life or Universal life policy you are accumulating a cash value over time rather than "paying rent" so to speak on a term policy. The benefit to this is your Universal policy is established in value once you start the policy and doesn't change as you put into it, which means you could receive the same cash amount upon your death at 89 as if you were to receive it at age 34. Your policy doesn't have a term so to speak it's non ending only at the point that you die do you then receive your death benefit and the policy terminates.

4- Maximize retirement - Financial obligations you had when you first purchased a permanent life insuranc epolicy have ended, your policy can take on the new life and benefit for your retirement, you also get better benefits by deferring the taxes till later. This can be much more in value than other things.

LIfe insurance also maximizes your pension by supplimenting a surviving spouse's income or established into a life insurance trust.

With thise in mide. Lets see why this is so important.

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