The exterior of your office provides the first impression of your business to not only your staff, but visitors and clients as well. This makes the appearance of your property vitally important if you are wanting to create a positive and lasting impact......

Altering the design of your property’s exterior may sound costly, but there are in fact a number of changes which can be carried out that don’t cost the earth, or involve long, disruptive building works.

We’ll take you through a few ideas that could greatly improve your Office Building Exterior Design and give your company’s presence a much-needed facelift.

  • • Colored Facades
  • • Statement Exterior Doors
  • • Tinted and Patterned Glass
  • • Unique Cladding
  • • Roof Upgrades

  • Improve Your Office Building Exterior Design
  • It’s important to pay as much attention to the exterior of your office premises as you would to the interior. While we can become consumed with filling meeting rooms with attractive furnishings, office art and the latest decor, the outward appearance of the property can be left neglected. It’s time to pay close attention to the face of your office building and look into ways in which it can be improved. Let us take you through a few ways in which this can be done; we’re sure you’ll find something that will be helpful when it comes to sprucing up the outer shell of your office premises.

  • 1. Colored Facades
  • Applying color to a facade has the ability to transform the appearance of a building’s exterior massively. The possibilities really are endless as professional spraying services provide more and more color options. As well as revitalizing the appearance of your building, there are many benefits in altering the color of your facade. It can be resprayed to incorporate brand color s, while using a coating that is fireproof, promotes better insulation or even provides a modern metallic finish. Whatever the aesthetic that you are wanting to achieve, there will more than likely be a way to replicate your desired finish.

  • It’s worth bearing in mind that color coatings can be applied to a range of areas across a facade, including doors, window frames, cladding, curtain walling and panels. This means that carrying out smaller work at a more cost-effective price is definitely achievable, while still creating a noticeable difference to the exterior design of your office. Opting to respray just your window frames, for example, is a great way of injecting a little pop of color into your office building, without going overboard. For some great color ed facade inspiration, take a look at this Pinterest board. While some of them are a little ‘out there’, we’re sure you’ll agree that they really stand out amongst their neighbors and create a lasting impression.

  • 2. Statement Exterior Doors
  • This is quite possibly the easiest way to change the exterior design of your building. With office properties often having large entrances with inner hallways and more than one door for visitors to pass through, this is a great opportunity to incorporate new exterior design ideas.

  • With a range of office building material options to choose from, including glazed steel, glass, aluminum and a variety of styles, like sliding, curved and wing doors, the choices really are endless. Take a look at the commercial range from Cooks Doors to see ways in which entrance doors can immediately create eye-catching focal points.

  • If your office resides within a listed building, you could get more creative with door colors and design options. AlucoBond Ghana have an amazing range of antique statement doors installation techniques if you’re wanting to splash out and create a real impact. Alternatively, if you’re wanting to add a little burst of color, why not look into the possibility of having a brightly colored door? Alucobond Ghana offer a range of composite doors in many styles and color s if this is something you’d like to explore further.

  • 3. Tinted and patterned Glass
  • Similar to spraying small parts of your facade and installing a new exterior door, considering implementing color ed glass to your building could really transform the look of your office premises in a simple way. This article from Architectural Digest proves how much of an impression colored glass can make to a building, so it’s definitely worth considering, albeit maybe not on the same scale!

  • Companies like Alucobond Ghana specialize in tinted glass, carrying out installations to windows, facades and doors. With so many solutions, including toughened, fire resistant, shaped, anti-reflective and textured glass, you’ll have the option to incorporate added benefits to your new glass along with color. Again, the color could be tied in with your company branding and installed not only in your windows, but in exterior doors and entrances if preferred.

  • As well as this, office buildings with large glass atrium visible from the outside could be turned into an amazing design feature if patterned glass were used as an alternative to plain. Company logos could also be incorporated within the pattern to add an extra personalized element.

  • 4. Unique Cladding
  • For a slightly larger exterior design renovation, you could consider changing your cladding to something a little more unique or suited to your office. There are many kinds of cladding which can dramatically alter the exterior of your office building, and depending on your existing cladding or building material, this can easily be removed or covered up.

  • With such a huge array of cladding options available in today’s market, there is the potential to make your office building look like a completely new property. You’d be surprised at the variety of affects you can achieve through differently designed cladding; if you’re wanting to obtain an authentic brick aesthetic, for example, why not look at the possibility of Brick Slip Cladding? Giving the appearance of solid brick, the clay tiles are actually only around 2 cms in depth. This is a fantastic way to inject an edger, urban look to your office, without having to carry out extensive building works.

  • Another popular option is Timber cladding, as this can be used to create either a rustic appearance or a slightly more contemporary one, depending on the color and way in which it is applied. For instance, black timber cladding attached at an angle will achieve a cleaner and more modern look; whereas cladding made from a more natural wood, such as cedar or larch, will create an older, more authentic appearance.

  • These are just a couple of examples of cladding design, there are a whole hosts of different materials that can be used depending on the final look you are wanting to acquire.

  • 5. Roof Upgrades
  • While a roof upgrade my sound like a huge disruption, not to mention expense, it needn’t be. Similar to cladding, re-roofing is a cheaper alternative to a complete replacement and is much more affordable. With so many great options available, you can achieve a variety of looks and completely alter the exterior design of your premises. Even completely flat hooves can be re-designed to lengthen their lifespan and create a brand-new look. It’s worth bearing in mind that planning permission may need to be obtained before carrying out any works, so it’s a good idea to look into this.

  • Popular options include Solar Shingles and Stone-Coated Metal as they bring with them a multitude of benefits. As you have probably guessed, Solar Shingles offer an alternative to the conventional rooftop solar panel and generate electricity through the daylight hours. Solar Shingles are commonly created with stronger materials such as tempered glass, giving them an interesting appearance.

  • As well as simple installation, ensure you find a quality roofing material supplier for your roofing, such that you will get the full benefit, and before it will start to pay for itself as soon as it is in place, so it’s a great choice for any company on a budget.

  • Stone-Coated Metal roofing creates more of a premium look and usually comes with a 50-year warranty. It is highly durable, holding up against the most extreme weather conditions without changing in appearance at all. The corrosion resistant metal used makes this one of the toughest roofing materials available, so is a great option if you’re looking for a long-lasting design.

  • Give Your Office Exterior A New Lease of Life
  • As you’ve discovered, there really are a multitude of ways in which you can make design changes to the exterior of your office building. Ranging from a simple color injection to your window frames using an onsite spraying service, to an entirely new cladding concept, there are numerous ways you can smarten up your office facade. We hope you’ve found this article helpful. Why not share on social media or let us know how you plan to change your office’s exterior. For any further help with on-site spraying, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team and we’d be happy to help.